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Our New Balcatta location will be open soon: 1400sqm including 470sqm of 24/7 gym and cardio, 970 sqm of Martial Arts training area, Cafe, Pro-Shop, VIP Mezzanine floor and an improved time table with more classes and class time - 'Let Us Inspire You' 


Welcome to The Academy of Mixed Martial Arts, we pride ourselves on being much more then a martial arts club. We are a community, a way of life and a culture. Our members become our friends and our friends our family.


There are no 'Long Term Lock In Contracts', in fact - the longest that you are committed is 2 weeks. There are no suspension fee's, no cancellation fee's and there are no restrictions on the amount of classes that you are entitled to attend.

If your a 'Fly In, Fly Out' worker, make sure that you ask about our special rates (just for the FIFO people) and our family plans as well.









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Latest News

AMMA Gm access cards!
Our new 'membership cards' will be available from reception very soon. They are $5.00 each and will used to gain access to the training areas (especially in Balcatta). Make sure that all your information is up to date when you grab your card.
AMMA GYM 24/7 Balcatta - Opening Soon
Opening mid 2014 - we are happy to announce that we will be moving into our new location in Balcatta towards July 2014. This will be one of the biggest and most advanced training concepts in Australia